About Me

At an early age, I was thrilled by the way photography opened a way of recording a personal vision of the world. I would save up pocket money for many weeks to purchase and process a roll of precious film.

The subjects for my camera, and my approach to them, have evolved over the years, but the fascination burns ever more strongly. I particularly aim for the subtle colour saturation possible with long exposures in subdued daylight. This I find especially important in images expressing beauty in decay – whether leaves and flowers or rusty keys and old tools.

As well as successes in international competitions, exhibitions and published portfolios, my work is selected and marketed by a number of the world's leading photo libraries, specialising in fine art, book covers, editorial and advertising.

I have lived in Norfolk (East Anglia, UK) since 1985.

Prints are available in all sizes. Please use the "Contact Me" page.